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Ireland has successfully navigated the unprecedented economic crisis of 2008 precipitated by one of the world’s worst banking crashes. Over the last decade Ireland repaired its economy, restored its reputation and has positioned itself for a pro-longed period of out-performance of its European peers.

A significant legacy of the economic turmoil has been the substantial under- investment in key areas of Ireland’s infrastructure. This under-investment is most acute in chronic shortages of housing, healthcare, educational and energy facilities throughout Ireland.

Bartra Capital Property, with our partners, is investing substantial capital in private residential, public housing, nursing homes, commercial real estate and renewable energy opportunities. Our investment ethos targets substantial returns for our investors through shrewdly identifying unique investment opportunities in Ireland and leveraging Bartra’s experienced, high quality management platform to execute these opportunities.


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Developer Bartra Capital Property Group will need to shave off up to 20 beds from its proposed co-living development in Dun Laoghaire to meet guideli...


Bartra Welcomes An Bord Pleanala’s Guidance on 2018 Shared Living Guidelines Additional Kitchens/Living Areas required by An Bord Pleanala to f...


Bartra notes the decision of An Bord Pleanala to grant planning permission for our proposed development at Bulloch Harbour in Dalkey.  Bartra is...


Developer Richard Barrett and UK private equity fund seal off-market deal for assets Henley Bartra has paid €125 million in an off-market deal...


Development projects funded by finance provider include nursing homes and housing Cullaun Capital, a fledgling Dublin-based property development f...


Shared living is taking off in Dublin and is seen as the ideal housing option for millennial tech workers Co-working spaces such as WeWork, Dogpat...


Richard Barrett Richard Barrett's Bartra Capital has lodged plans to bring 725 new beds to a development in south-west Dublin. The developer ha...

Response to issues raised by An Bord Pleanala as part of the appeal process have been submitted.

Further information submitted to Dublin City Council