Company Profile & Partners

Bartra Capital Property Group is an investment management vehicle assembled by experienced successful property developer and entrepreneur Richard Barrett. Familiar with the Irish market, Richard identified a significant infrastructural deficit in Ireland following its crisis in 2008. Richard has assembled a team of seasoned property professionals, experienced in all aspects of property from planning, to construction, finance and strategy in order to manage the development, structure and implementation of the venture.

Bartra Capital Property Group has appointed a team of internationally recognised advisors including:

  1. Goodbody Stockbrokers
  2. Goodbody Fund Management Limited
  3. Arthur Cox Solicitors
  4. KPMG Corporate Finance & Tax

Bartra will

  • Raise the funds
  • Structure the funds
  • Source the opportunities and sites
  • Arrange and manage the planning, construction and sales of the units in a professional and organized fashion
  • Revolutionise the procurement of construction to radically reduce building costs
  • Manage the distribution of proceeds
  • Manage any long-term investments created in this vehicle on behalf of the investors
  • Engage with local and national government