Ireland has come through an unprecedented economic crisis over the last 8 years precipitated by one of the world’s worst banking crashes. With steady progress and an eye to the future Ireland has carefully repaired its economy, restored its reputation and positioned itself optimally for a period of out-performance relative to its European peers.

One significant legacy of the economic turmoil has been the substantial under- investment in Ireland’s key infrastructure. It is most acutely evident in chronic shortages of housing, healthcare, educational and energy facilities throughout the country.

Bartra Capital Property Group has been established to provide opportunities to our investors to invest
 in the opportunities these infrastructural deficits present. The core goal of Bartra is to generate substantial returns for its investors through shrewdly identifying investment opportunities in Ireland’s infrastructure deficits and leveraging Bartra’s experienced, high quality management platform to execute these opportunities.

While principally seeking to invest in government generated income streams, Bartra will also invest in near term opportunistic real estate opportunities. These opportunities will be identified by the Bartra management and development platform, geographically situated in Dublin to take advantage of local market knowledge and gain access to unrivalled opportunities.


On the housing front there are chronic shortages in all types of housing including social (public housing), owner occupier housing, student accommodation and private rental accommodation.

At its height Celtic Tiger Ireland was producing an unsustainable 90,000 housing units per annum. In 2016 there were less than 15,000 units completed across the country, a long
way short of the annual requirement of at least 30,000 units. In the Greater Dublin Area the situation is even more acute with only 4,234 completions (2016) at a time that a minimum of 8,000 units are required. This deficit to requirements has been ongoing for at least 8 years leading to enormous pent up demand exacerbated by demographics and the profile of household formation.

Bartra Capital Property Group intend to focus a number of its funds on the housing shortage with a selection of funds targeted at different segments of that market. 


On the Social Housing side, the shortage of units is just as bad, if not worse.  The Social Housing List i.e. those households in need of a basic human right – a suitable home, is currently running between 90,000 and 100,000 households and the homelessness crisis continues to deepen.  Ireland’s homeless figure has just passed 7,000 for the first time.  The latest official figures show that 7,148 people (including over 2,500 children) were in emergency accommodation, an increase of 36% year on year, and a massive 91% increase on the figures seen 2 years ago.  The Government in its “Rebuilding Ireland” strategy has targeted the delivery of 47,000 new Social Housing units by 2021.


With healthcare, as in most western democracies, the requirement for capital investment far exceeds the government’s ability to provide. In the realm of non-acute facilities – Primary Care Centres, Nursing Homes, Step-down facilities and other ancillary medical facilities – there is a huge requirement for private capital. Bartra will fund, develop and deliver required physical health infrastructure while generating returns for investors and minimising risk through our experienced property platform.


On the energy side the issues around global warming are topical and myriad. The requirement to reduce greenhouse emissions is creating enormous opportunities in renewable energy assets eg. wind generated power. Bartra will dedicate a fund to developing and acquiring well situated renewable energy assets with strong Power Purchase Agreements which will generate value for our clients


While the above areas of interest are a key focus, Bartra will also target funds at other opportunities as they arise and present viable investment channels for our clients.

We look forward to working and investing alongside our clients to generate enviable investment propositions while addressing key infrastructural deficits.

Richard Barrett, Founder