Commercial Real Estate Summary

Encompassing all sectors of the commercial real estate market, the Bartra CRE Opportunity targets income producing opportunities where potential can be demonstrated to deliver strong rental growth and value appreciation through the intensive application of specialist asset management skills.

The Bartra CRE team has unrivalled experience in recognising, identifying and sourcing these opportunities but, more importantly, has the skillset to devise and implement comprehensive asset plans to drive strong value growth. The Bartra team has a robust sourcing network through strong and established contacts in the agency and professional services communities and with the holders and servicers of the large loan portfolios. Market honed  asset management and tenant engineering skills which are unrivalled in an Irish context are then applied to deliver outstanding asset performance, capital growth and investor returns. In many cases circumstances involving neglected or poorly managed stock, demotivated or under resourced owners, can create the context for outperformance, in other cases the opportunity is simply created by the ability to devise the tactics which exploit a set of circumstances the potential of which the general market either does not recognise or does not fully understand.

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